Bharat TRIZutsav® 2022

November 04, 2022, Bengaluru, India

India’a annual TRIZ, Innovation Exellence conference to promote inventions, Technology, Patent Portfolios developed in India. Expect to experience talks from Industry leaders, Innovation Leaders, CTO’s, TRIZ Masters and TRIZ professionals.

This 7th Edition is being supported by many professional assocations in india and MATRIZ Associations around the world.

If you want your career canvas to be filled with inventions and waiting for a right inspiration, go ahead and block your seat. Rest assured, you will be loaded with not just inspiration to invent, will also be given expsoure to methods that enable inventions.

About Bharat TRIZutsav®

India is ranked at 40th place on Global Innovation Index as on 1st Oct. 2022. This is a great evolution but not sufficient to be build self-reliance, Atma Nirbhar.

The powerful and proven methods of TRIZ (Theory of solving inventive problems) when learnt and applied on real problems can give a unique edge for the innovators in the country to contribute towards developing differentiated solutions at accelerated time and effectiveness.

We at TRIZTI® are contributing to this national cause by educating and building awareness among the Indian professionals and Academia to harness this power, grow inward from engineers to inventors. In collaboration with Proinn®, we are leading a mass movement of growing a million inventors in the India by 2030. 

This conference, Bharat TRIZutsav® acts as a catalyst in our pursuit of Technical Innovation Excellence in India.

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Leadership Talks:

We invite industry leaders (CTO’s, HR / Innovation / Business Leaders) to give their perspective on methods that they adopt to accelerate innovation.

TRIZ case studies:

A proven way to inspire our fellow Indian professionals is to build awareness of TRIZ methods with high impactful outcomes by fellow Indians.

TRIZ Master / Specialist talks:

TRIZ is evolving fast. It is important to bring the latest that is happening in TRIZ to the Indian professionals.

Panel Discussions:

On broader topics that cut across the industries, we invite leaders to share their best practices on how they accelerate TRIZ deployment from leadership, build innovation capability, etc.,

1st half – Leadership Talks

8.30 AM – 9.30 AM


9.30 AM –
9.45 AM
Inauguration, Conference Context, TRIZ deployment in India

Over the last 7 years ATTI has been spear heading the TRIZ deployment in India. Will share ATTI’s activities since 2019 and what next on TRIZ deployment in India by the MATRIZ Vice President of TRIZ deployment in India.


Sri. Kishan

MATRIZ Vice President of TRIZ deployment in India,

Chairman ATTI & Founder Proinn Consultancy®

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9:45 AM –
10.20 AM
Innovation at the TATA Group: Leadership talk by Innovation Leader

Listen to the Innovation & Technology leader, Group Innovation, Tata Sons Limited on how innovation is driven at Tata group


Dr. Purnendu Sinha

Innovation & Technology leader

Tata Sons Ltd.

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10:20 AM – 10.35 AM
Coffee / Tea – Net working Break


10:35 AM – 11.30 PM
Embarking on Innovation and Assetizing Intellectual Property – CTO Talk

Listen to the CTO’s talk on Strategic innovation and Technology development

Dr Aloknath De, FNAE

Executive Consulting Director and ex-CTO, Samsung India
Adjunct Prof. IISc and IIT-J

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11.30 PM –
12.25 PM
Building India as an Innovation hub by leveraging ‘Communities of Practice’
‘Make in India’ is a good start for providing employment to a large youth population. But value and wealth creation for organisations and people can happen only with significant bandwidth for innovation. This require a strong foundation in the respective domains and powerful tools for innovation. Such competencies with few individual cannot make the required impact in a reasonable time in a fast changing world.
The concept of ‘Communities of Practice(CoP)’ is emerging as a powerful mechanism to develop critical mass of practitioners in the domains and tools of strategic priority who can drive innovation in the organisations. CoPs are a groups informally bound together by shared expertise and passion. They foster new approaches to problems, continue to learn,  share this knowledge and experiences. They help organisations to drive strategy, innovation, robust way of solving problems quickly, transfer best practices
This session will focus on the concept of CoP, process of developing and sustaining CoPs and impact they can make with case studies based on the experiments in the last six years.


Dr. Kovaichelvan

Director, Institute for Quality and Leadership (TVS IQL)

TVS Motor Company Limited

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TRIZ case studies

12.25 PM –
12.50 PM
TRIZ Case Study 1: Securing innovations in digitalization space
This talk focuses on inventions for digital innovations and provides details on the thought process for securing patents for software and machine learning applications. The speaker will demonstrate one such innovation where multiple patents were granted for increased customer impact. The speaker will also talk about how to identify new problems through hybridization techniques that will further boost innovations and IP. Additionally, some case studies on the topic of innovations in the field of Optimization will be presented.
Mr. Vinay Ramanath

Principal expert R&D, Siemens Corporate Research & Technology

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12.50 PM – 1.40 PM
Networking Lunch


1.40 PM –
2.05 PM
TRIZ Case Study 2: Sustainable TRIZ Deployment – In RRL,  Developing winning portfolio of products using TRIZ



Mr. Ishant Jain

Head CoE (R&D), Raychem RPG

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2.05 PM –
2:30 PM
TRIZ Case Study 3: Improving the effectiveness of Dough Kneading

Implementing TRIZ tools to come up with breakthrough ideas is just one part of the product design process. To complete a puzzle, all the pieces need to come together rightly. Similarly, to achieve truly radical innovation all the steps of the product design process should be done rightly. In this talk, the speakers will take us through how the product design process should be to achieve breakthrough innovation.

TRIZ tools are extremely easy to learn & understand. But a big challenge is faced by all the new TRIZ practitioners. While resolving contradictions, they follow the method & use the matrix to know which principles are to be used. But they do not know how the principles are to be applied to generate ideas. In this talk, the speakers would be presenting a more intuitive method of applying the principles & generating ideas faster.

Mr. Akshay Akud

Lead Design & Innovation MACPL R&D

Mr, Sooriya


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2.30 PM –
2.55 PM
TRIZ Case Study 4: Castor wheel with selective direction rotational system to avoid trolley pulling Hazard

Trollies are used for various applications in a manufacturing plant. Material Handling trollies are supposed to be pushed all the time. However, operators tend to pull trollies for convenience. Trolley pulling is risky behaviour which may lead to incident like feet getting struck between trolley and floor resulting in injury. This phenomenon becomes even more dangerous in case of trolley handling on slopes as force exerted by the parts it carries will act  in the direction of pull. Several training and OJT’s carried out but there is no significant improvement recorded, because of  human behaviour tendency is always try to  complete the work by using less energy. In the present work we are trying to address this issue using TRIZ principles.

Mr. Rajat Dureja

Manager -PED

TVS motor company, Mysore

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2.55 PM –
3.20 PM
TRIZ Case Study 5: Design of Electric Tractor for wet land applications

Electrification of vehicles have rapidly transformed the landscape of the automotive industry. Electrification of off-road vehicles such as tractors are attractive as they move towards higher fuel efficiency and near-zero tailpipe emission. However, electrification of off-road vehicles bring unique challenges due to the harsh environment in which they operate. Particularly in the wetland applications, there is a high chance of damage to electric components such as battery, motor, controllers, on-board chargers due to water inundation. In our case study, we have applied TRIZ methodology to visualize the IFR for an electric tractor and systematically identify technical and physical contradictions. We applied TRIZ inventive principles to create innovative solutions and optimize the design of electric tractor for wet land applications.

Mr. Krishna Rao

Senior Engineer at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

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3.20 PM –
3.40 PM
TRIZ Case Study 6: TRIZ application in Software

One of the popular tools that engineers, and scientists often use is the Altshuler matrix. As #TRIZ methodology was developed 80 years ago, some of the engineering parameters are not applicable and some of the principles need to be related in the right evolution.

Till a decade ago, software was outsourced, and design was inhouse. Times changed, software is the new core, part of the strategy and design could be outsourced. Every product that is being developed now has a software and if software exists, testing is required.

Indian GDP gains hugely from software development and Engineering Services. In our pursuit to groom a million inventors and innovators in India, we are expanding from our core hardware to Software.

In this case study TitoKishan VEMURI would present how to see the matrix and relate principles from the software context with an example of software testing. TRIZ don’t talk about code, rather guides how to solve a problem, trigger new directions of thinking to solve software problems.

Sri. Kishan

MATRIZ Vice President of TRIZ deployment in India,

Chairman ATTI & Founder Proinn Consultancy®

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3.40 PM – 3.55 PM
Coffee / Tea – Net working Break



3.55 PM –
4.15 PM
MATRIZ President Talk



Dr. Sergey Yatsunenko


President, MATRIZ

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Panel Discussion 1: Building Innovation Capabilities in organizations

Dr. Bala Bharadvaj, Panel Chair

SAE Fellow. VP Engineering at Quintrans /// Former Boeing Executive, Former President of SAEINDIA.

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Mr. Damodaran Subramanian

Vice President, AVTEC, Former MD at SAFRAN Engineeering Services India

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Mr. Gopi Sankar

Vice President & Chief Engineer – Advanced vehicle Program, Ashok Leyland

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Mr. Jayaram N

Dean, TVS institute of Quality and Leadership

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Panel Discussion 2: Developing Patent Portfolios

Sri. Pravin Anand

Managing Partner, Anand and Anand

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Dr. Sergei Ikovenko

President of DFP Institute, Chief Strategy Officer at CRIDO, Professor MIT and Tufts University

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Mr. Parag Thakre

Managing Director India, Dennemeyer Group

Dr. PK Chakrabati

Patent Attorney admitted to practice with the Supreme Court of the USPTO

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