Bharat TRIZutsav® 2022

November 04, 2022, Bengaluru, India
India’a annual TRIZ, Innovation Exellence conference to promote inventions, Technology, Patent Portfolios developed in India. Expect to experience talks from Industry leaders, Innovation Leaders, CTO’s, TRIZ Masters and TRIZ professionals.
This 7th Edition is being supported by many professional assocations in india and MATRIZ Associations around the world.

If you want your career canvas to be filled with inventions and waiting for a right inspiration, go ahead and block your seat. Rest assured, you will be loaded with not just inspiration to invent, will also be given expsoure to methods that enable inventions.

About Bharat TRIZutsav®

India is ranked at 40th place on Global Innovation Index as on 1st Oct. 2022. This is a great evolution but not sufficient to be build self-reliance, Atma Nirbhar.

The powerful and proven methods of TRIZ (Theory of solving inventive problems) when learnt and applied on real problems can give a unique edge for the innovators in the country to contribute towards developing differentiated solutions at accelerated time and effectiveness.

We at TRIZTI® are contributing to this national cause by educating and building awareness among the Indian professionals and Academia to harness this power, grow inward from engineers to inventors. In collaboration with Proinn®, we are leading a mass movement of growing a million inventors in the India by 2030. 

This conference, Bharat TRIZutsav® acts as a catalyst in our pursuit of Technical Innovation Excellence in India.

Leadership Talks:

We invite industry leaders (CTO’s, HR / Innovation / Business Leaders) to give their perspective on methods that they adopt to accelerate innovation.

TRIZ case studies:

A proven way to inspire our fellow Indian professionals is to build awareness of TRIZ methods with high impactful outcomes by fellow Indians.

TRIZ Master / Specialist talks:

TRIZ is evolving fast. It is important to bring the latest that is happening in TRIZ to the Indian professionals.

Panel Discussions:

On broader topics that cut across the industries, we invite leaders to share their best practices on how they accelerate TRIZ deployment from leadership, build innovation capability, etc.,