About Us


 Inspiring Indian Professionals (Industry & Academia) to grow as inventors / INNOVATORS with learningand application of TRIZ methodology to develop inventions

Our Story

TRIZTI® started its journey in 2016 with a clear intent to groom 5 thousand inventors in India. As we evolved in time the intent also evolved. The present direction of goals that we have is to groom over a million inventors in India by 2030.

Innovation happens when two things happen as a pair. The intent to invent (mindset to be an inventor) and the conditions of questioning status-quo and knowledge to solve problems with win-win solutions.

Founded by Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri, a TRIZ Champion (2022) recognized by MATRIZ board is a visionary with over 2 decades of senior corporate leadership at GE in India and Malaysia and with Tata’s. 

With like-minded Professionals, Scientists made the first step to form India’s Regional MATRIZ Association promoted as “Association for TRIZ and Technical Innovation”, ATTI. TRIZTI® is a non-profit educational trust.

What We Do

Organise bharat TRIZ utsav®

Organized six editions of Bharat TRIZutsav® , India's annual TRIZ and Technical innovation conference


Impart TRIZ and DFP® Workshops in collaboration with Proinn Consultancy®

Collegiate Clubs in colleges

Graduate as an inventor, our theme to groom college students as inventors

triz pedagoggy in schools

Teaching TRIZ in schools with our international partners

With Your Active Participation, WE can move India’s GII (Global Innovation Index) within Top 10

We are a proponent of thriving innovation eco-system where invention driven innovations become the new normal across the various strata across India:  Corporations, Start-ups, Government labs, MSME’s and Academia

Our Mission & Approach

Our mission is to groom 1 million inventors in India by 2030 and certify 5000 innovation experts (those who have completed TRIZ levels 1, 2 & 3) by 2030.

The approach that we are adopting is TRIZ (Structured Jugaad®) where the ability to model problems in 5 unique ways and develop multiple competing solutions with novelty. Further with the adoption of DFP® (Design for Patentability), which uses TRIZ methodology and applies it on patents for either strengthening or circumvention, we can be able to develop very strong patent portfolios, a global measure of inventiveness for any country and the power to exclude others.

We partner with Proinn Consultancy®, on the workshops.

MATRIZ recognitions to TRIZTI®’s Chairman