Bharat TRIZutsav®  India’s annual TRIZ and Technical Innovation conference to promote and showcase Invent in India®

TRIZTI with PROINN® is contributing to Atma Nirbhar Bharat on technical innovation

October 23rd and 24th , ONLINE 5 PM – 9 PM IST

The 6th Edition is being brought to inspire Indian professionals to Invent in India® and how we can build Atma Nirbhar Bharat in Innovation and Technology Development


CTO, General Managers, Technical Directors, R&D Professionals, Engineering Professionals, Technical leaders, Engineers, Scientists, IP Professionals, Quality Professionals, Academic Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Engineering Managers, Start-ups, MSME



Mobility, Electronics, Software, AI, Materials, IP Generation, Farm implements, Aviation, Technical Innovation



International CTO Talk

Dr. Seshu Bhagavathula is a technocrat and an auto industry veteran, currently serving as Board of Director at Volta Trucks, Sweden. Volta trucks manufactures a complete zero emission 16-ton industry’s first electric truck, along with three more platforms between 19 and 7.5 tons. Dr. Seshu also works as a strategic advisor to the Jebsen Capital (Hong Kong) on their automotive investments, and as a director of the Board of the electric micro-mobility company, CityQ in Oslo, Norway.  He also works as an advisor to selected companies for shorter periods based on technology needs.


Dr. Seshu Bhagavathula

Board of Director at Volta Trucks, Sweden

Triz Master Talk (USA)

DESIGN FOR PATENTABILITY® – A new technology of design spreading in leading world corporations.

Dr. Sergei Ikovenko

President of DFP-Institute, Professor MIT,  Chairman CEM MA TRIZ

Triz Master Talk (Germany)

Dr. Robert Adunka is the Managing Director of TRIZ Consulting Group GmbH. In the past, he has worked as TRIZ Project Manager for Siemens AG. He was Vice-President for Europe of the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ) and a member of the board of the local TRIZ association TRIZ-Campus. He also holds the MATRIZ Level 5 (TRIZ Master) certificate, and is the only TRIZ Master who hails from a German-speaking country. He is the author of numerous publications about TRIZ, and has co-authored 124 acknowledged patents in 23 different patent families (of which 64 are currently still active). He is an accredited TRIZ instructor for Levels 1, 2, and 3.


Dr. Robert Adunka

Managing Director of TRIZ Consulting Group GmbH

International Case study 1

  • See how the TRIZ tool has been used in a food business in Thailand for over 12 years.

  • What happens when working with various fields of science such as animal husbandry, engineers, food scientists, etc.?

  • When choosing strategy : a project base approach with training

  • Effect of the direction of innovation and the competition of the food industry from both the country and the world.

  • TRIZ as an inventor development tool or create a creative problem solver. How will it meet your business needs? In the age of Industry 4.0

  • Weaknesses, strengths and challenges in the future



Sri. Tanasak P, TRIZ Level 4

Managing Director at The Inventor Development

International Case Study 2

Reducing Innovation Divide – a Decade of Learning

Improving innovation efficiency championed by MyTRIZ in ASEAN regions.

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) was adopted as recipe to drive essential skills development. The strategies, successes and barriers to the transformation initiative will be shared.


Sri. EngHoo Tan

Founder and President at Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association

Leadership Talk (Indian)

Culture of Innovation – Software

Got to innovate for survival, more so recently by applying domain/industry knowledge through software.

The culture of innovation should be pervasive across the enterprise to thrive and sustain the differentiated value in the market. The ownership of creating such a culture lies with all internal stakeholders including executive leadership and managers, not just with technologists. .


Sri.Rudramuni B

Advisor, Mentor and Angel invester with startups in India

Indian Case study – 1 

Design Innovation in flow metering devices using TRIZ

Abstract of the Case Study:

Flow meters are used all over the world to measure the quantum of gas utilized for domestic or industrial purposes. A is a specialized flowmeter used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to measure the amount of fuel gases, such as CNG or LPG, delivered through a pipeline. Gases are highly compressible, which makes them more difficult to measure than liquids because of their sensitivity to changes in temperature and pressure. Gas meters measure a defined volume, regardless of the pressurized quantity or quality of the gas flowing through the meter. Accordingly, adjustments need to be made in temperature, pressure, and heating values to accurately measure the actual amount of gas moving through the meter. We take pride that our Gas meters are completely Made In India unlike our competition and, so far we have supplied more than 3 million devices. The present flow meter is based on a sophisticated pantograph mechanism consisting of good number of redundant moving components and sometimes cause reliability issues during production.  Using TRIZ methodology, we have simplified the system by developing novel solutions with minimal parts thus enhancing the reliability of the system. This has further paved our way to come out with next generation smart metering solutions.

Sri. Ishant Jain

Head, Materials & Processing CoE, Raychem Innovation Center

Indian Case study – 2 

“Developing the technology core through TRIZ – One in All and All in One”

Abstract of the Case Study:

How TRIZ principles enabled to devise the so-called “Bayesian Optimization”, wherein multiple technologies interplay with each other to produce a favorable outcome. Further, I will talk about trends of technology evolution and system-super system thought process in optimization and how this concept helped us to navigate towards quantum inspired optimization.


Sri. Vinay Ramanath

Principal Scientist for Simulation and Digital Twin Technology, Siemens Corporate Technology

Indian Case study – 3

Overcoming the Speed Sensor Malfunction


Abstract of the Case Study:

With multiple unknowns being common for failure or malfunction, OEMs have the responsibility to address them quickly with innovation and engineering. This case study is an application of TRIZ by a Tractor OEM to solve field problem pertaining to malfunction of a proprietary part. The problem was identified and resolved using TRIZ tools, without doing any changes in the design of the proprietary part or on the Tractor. Working Team found that the TRIZ tools significantly helped in generating quality ideas and removing the psychological inertia.


Sri. Niraj Balodi & Sri Kapil Awasthi

Electricals & Electronics, Product Development, CNH Industrial, Greater Noida, UP

Indian Case study – 4

Reimagining Farm Product Design using TRIZ


Abstract of the Case Study:

Product Development is the lifeline of many organizations across the globe and maximizing the efficiency in the product or process is always a much desired approach. Product Design and Development depend strongly on the underpinning technology driving it. Here we explore mapping that technology to the various stages of an s-curve and using appropriate TRIZ approaches based on its current stage, to drive Innovation to build Competitive and Frugal Product Designs and build a strong IP portfolio. This presentation showcases multiple examples from our own Farm Industry as we move through a re-imagined Farm Product Design using TRIZ


Dr Shankar Venugopal, Vinesh Kumar, Senthilkumar Muthu, Ram M Sitaraman, Dr. N Saravanan and CG Krishna

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