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The Art Of Inventing

Graduate as an inventor TM

A signature program with multiple learning workshop(s) of TRIZ methods and tools to empower college students to grow as inventors while they gradute from Engineering.

Every individual is challenged with problems all the times. As long as one doesn’t overcome their psychological inertia, it is very difficult to solve problems with novelty.

This leads to an interesting question: what is psychological inertia, PI? PI is one’s habitual thinking, using known solutions all the time that worked earlier.

With the challenges of problems increasing each day, the known solutions that worked earlier won’t help.

At an young age, if we can empower our young engineering students to overcome their psychological inertia, then they can come with ideas that would be out of the Box all the time.


Popular Classes

Out of the Box Thinking

Any problem can be solved by using the 40 inventive principles that were identified by Genrich Altshuller, Father of TRIZ. A primary reason why people find it difficult to come with different ideas is their Psychological inertial, PI. With this workshop, students (budding inventors) will understand what is structured innovation, learn how to overcome their PI and develop ideas as many as they want in short time.


Structured Jugaad® Level 1

Develop Incremental innovations. Differentiated Products are always an outcome of solving conflicting needs either at system level. With this learning a student will get to learn how to identify conflicts and solve them and develop incremental innovation solutions. Post workshop, students (budding inventors) can formulate inventive problems, work on project and develop practical potential novel solutions with our mentoring & guidance.


Structured Jugaad® Level 2

Develop Radical, Sustainable and Disruptive innovations. We are experiencing disruptions in every industry. How to be a winner in this context and not be a follower only differentiates. Students will learn methods that help them to develop differentiated solutions with innovation strategies. Students (budding inventors) can work on projects and formulate new concept development, formulate inventive problems at parameter level and develop practical potential novel solutions with our mentoring and guidance.

16 hrs

What to Expect

  • Assignments
  • Quiz
  • Learn how to decode innovation
  • Solve a problem and share
  • A certificate post completing above steps from TRIZTI®