TRIZ and Technical Innovation Trust is promoted as Association for TRIZ and Technical Innovation, ATTI has a clear vision to accelerate India’s innovation progression to be amongst top 10 in the Global Innovation Index, GII by promoting technical innovation across various industries, academia, start-ups, MSME’s and by grooming technopreneurs.

As per the recent Global Innovation Index, India ranks at 46 in the world on Innovation.



1.Groom 1 Million inventors in India.

2.Organise India’s Annual TRIZ and Technical Innovation conference Bharat TRIZutsav® that showcases invention driven innovation case studies from fellow Indians to inspire Indian professionals, Academia and Start-ups to take innovation as a mainstream profession. TRIZTI® has been organizing India’s Annual TRIZ conference, Bharat TRIZutsav® since 2016.

  1. Work with Universities, Engineering Colleges, Business Schools, IP Law schools and create local invention clubs to promote Entrepreneurship and inventions by solving real problems within the campus / society.
  2. Work with Industry bodies and represent India in forums on Innovation, Technology development and Entrepreneurship.
  3. Work with Academia faculty and contribute to their faculty development program with Innovation as a means to drive inventions and differentiated products.
  4. Be on the Boards of the Engineering / Business Schools and coach / mentor / guide in transforming these institutions as innovation hubs (innovation culture) with huge intellectual property development and differentiated products from their incubation centres. 
  5. Work with Start-ups and mentor them in their progression to develop differentiated solutions.
  6. Impart invention skills through learnings to develop differentiated solutions for students: Structured Jugaad® (TRIZ), Leadership without authority and to develop strong patent portfolios with IP awareness.
  • TRIZ levels 1, 2 & 3
  • Change Management
  • IP workshops
  • Mentor Young and Mature minds to innovate post TRIZ learning and facilitate real problem solving to Invent in India® at Indian price point

ATTI conducts TRIZ Certification workshops pan India by working with Proinn Consultancy®

For upcoming TRIZ (Structured Jugaad®) workshops, check out proinn_beginner – Proinn Consultancy®

ATTI is a regional MATRIZ (The International TRIZ Association) Association from India

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Regional MATRIZ Association from India and an education non-profit organization

MATRIZ – The International TRIZ Association


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Workshops for Engineering Students

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