TRIZ and Technical Innovation

A registered educational Trust (a not for profit organization).


The Founder chairman of ATTI  is Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri.


  • Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri is one of 20+ accredited CEM representatives, worldwide of MATRIZ (The International TRIZ Association)

  • Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri was appointed as Director of TRIZ deployment of MATRIZ in India by the MATRIZ President, Oct. ’19.

  • ATTI has set a mission to groom 5000 innovation experts in India by 2025 and to make product innovation a main stream profession for Indians

  • The Chairman is the only Indian to have given TRIZ keynote talks across Asia (Baku-Azerbaijan, Shehyang-China & Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia).

  • In last 5 years, in association with Proinn Consultancy® conducted & organized ~50 MATRIZ certification workshops (levels 1, 2 & 3) that translated into tangible results with significant product cost reduction (Millions of USD savings to clients), multiple concept developments that were later filed as disclosures / patents, 100+.

  • ATTI organizes India’s annual TRIZ conference, Bharat TRIZutsav® in 2016, ’17, ’18 & ’19 with sponsorships from Tata Sons Ltd., General Electric, MATRIZ and Proinn Consultancy®. The 5th Edition is scheduled in Oct. ’20

  • ATTI is working with academia to deploy TRIZ as a curriculum in universities that can develop inventive thinking skillset, a need to groom technology entrepreneurs in India. Working with schools to build creative imagination development among kids. Both the activities are aimed at building creative society in India.



About TRIZ

(Theory of Solving Inventive Problems):


A Russian acronym was developed by Genrich Altshuller, a Russian inventor. Altshuller developed a systematic approach, once understood and followed will empower with toolkit for everyone to invent.