To promote Technical Innovation across India and groom both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs by empowering them with new means of novel product / process solution development with right functional value at low cost that can be scalable.


The 2020 mission of ATTI is to mentor 5000 Innovators by educating Indian industry (Corporate & MSME), IP law firms through TRIZ workshops, nurture Technical Innovation in Academia and Start-ups to develop inventive products with right functional value at low cost that can differentiate in the market. 

Why Bharat TRIZutsav?

This event started to happen ‘Year on Year’ with more emphasis on inspiring both “Young & Mature minds” on Technical Innovation, as a platform to showcase new learning in TRIZ and Technical Innovation by inviting international / national best speakers through keynote talks, share best practices on:

1. how product cost / manufacturing cost can be reduced

2. Increase Product performance & Reliability

3. Increase Reliability

4. Eliminate harm in a system and

5. Change organizational mindset on Innovation towards a culture development

Founder Chairman, Tito Kishan Vemuri

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