To promote Technical Innovation across India and groom inventors (intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs) by empowering them with new means of problem solving tools + methods, change mindset and deliver results as novel product / process solution with right functional value at low cost that can be scalable.


The 2020 mission of ATTI is to mentor 5000 Innovators by educating Indian industry, IP law firms, Academia, Start-ups through:

  1. Structured Innovation (TRIZ) workshops / awareness sessions / talks… teach predictable methods to invent

  2. Mentoring Young and Mature minds to Innovate

  3. Changing mindsets with “change acceleration workshops”

  4. IP awareness workshops

Demonstrate through novel products with right functional value at low cost that can be differentiated in the market. 

Founder Chairman, Tito Kishan Vemuri

ATTI conducts MATRIZ certification workshops pan India by working with PROINN Consultancy®, visit: